5 Great Reasons to Use Video in your Marketing Plan

So, if you ask a video guy why video is so important for a marketing plan, you’ll get the short answer:

Because video is awesome.

A little more focused prodding turns up some pretty solid evidence that video truly is, in addition to being awesome, a terrific way to increase your online business.

Here are five great reasons:

There is seemingly endless data to support the fact that video will increase conversions when used on landing pages or within your marketing. Just ask Google. Or, take Forbes’ word for it, according to Forbes, embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. Adding a video to your marketing emails increases your click-through rate by 200-300%. Simpler yet, Google loves video. The google bot will note your use of video and make sure you get more exposure.

Video is mobile friendly. Where is your phone right now? Within arm’s reach, no doubt. Maybe you’re reading this on your phone? More and more, people are consuming content through their mobile devices as opposed to televisions or computers. Better yet, if you have a great video, it’s very simple for viewers to share your content on social media via their phones.

And why might someone share your video? Story. Video can tell a story. When people do share via social media, they are usually not pushing facts or products. They are pushing the emotions they experience while watching a video. Therefore, story is key. Give your audience a taste of what their lives will look like with your product or service. Will it be more fun? Will they be more informed? Will they be more secure? This video ad from Liberty Mutual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMwoexR1evo tells us that insurance is about people helping people. No one is sharing their policy or their agent’s stats; this was a popular ad because it told a story, it told it well, and it evoked emotion. Great storytelling is key. Note: this ad is over ten-years-old, and I still think about it, and I still talk about it.

A picture is worth a thousand words, if you put the right picture in front of your audience. Knowing your audience and knowing what content will get their attention is key to creating a strong engaging video. This will show your audience what your product does, how your service fits into their lives, and how it makes their lives better, faster and easier than any set of instructions or glossy pamphlet. Understanding comes more easily with engagement, and video is more engaging than text. More engaging content was rated at the top of this list of priorities for B2C marketing this year, https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/visual-content-marketing-strategy what will that look like in 2018?

Finally, video builds a faster bond with your customer than text alone. Video is interactive emotionally and, as mentioned, is far more engaging. We see ourselves in the subjects of a story, and when a video tells a good story, we fit ourselves right in to that scenario. Here’s the thing: the video must be quality. It must be created with technical skill and artistic vision, however tech does not trump story. All effective marketing is storytelling, but this is especially germane to video marketing, a field where flashy gimmicks could be mistaken for story. Make sure you know your audience and that you respect them enough to see beyond the fluff.

Long story short, a video has the potential to take a viewer from wanting to needing in thirty seconds. When you can visualize something in your life, the timespan between click and purchase is minimized. And it’s not all smoke and mirrors, a good product or service speaks for itself. With a video, it speaks louder.