5 Simple Reasons to Hire a Professional Writer

There are a number of sayings about writing that involve, well, blood.
‘Writing is easy. Just open a vein and bleed.’
‘Writing is easy. Just bang your forehead against the keyboard until it bleeds.’
All the way back to the 1880’s, Nietzsche advised that one must ‘write with blood.’
You could do all that, or you could hire a professional writer.

Of course, writers like myself think there are countless reasons to hire a professional writer, many of them selfish. Bills, I’d die if I weren’t writing, bills, I’m a word-geek, bills, I love the art of storytelling, bills. For a fresher perspective, I thought I’d ask someone who has actually hired a professional writer why they would do such a thing.

Here are the top 5 reasons my boss gave me. A professional writer can:

A professional writer is more than someone who can write straightforward copy. A pro will listen to your essence and your voice, capture it, then translate it to your audience. We are trained to absorb as much as possible about you and what you are offering then present that to your clients in an engaging manner. This can be a huge help in social media, especially when your writer stays on top of new trends. By allowing the writer freedom to utilize the current trends to create fun content for your social media channels, you’ll see boosts in visibility and interaction.

This was a big one for my boss. When asked about punctuation, grammar and spelling his response was “I suck at it.” Any professional writer worth his or her salt is going to have some level of OCD when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the perfect copy. This takes the pressure off of errors that could end up making you and your company look careless or unprofessional.

Professional writers know the importance of nuance. A pro will focus on creating persuasive content rather than a pushy sales approach to encourage clients to listen. Again, it’s a matter of finding the voice of the company, knowing the audience and bringing the two together.

“When I try to write about us, it’s tough. I live and breathe us 24/7.” My boss makes a good point here. Having another brain to bounce ideas around with, without the concern of packaging those ideas or, even, being mostly articulate, is huge. When the ideas flow, it’s good to have someone to keep up, listen, translate, and be objective about them. It’s more than convenient, it’s important. It adds perspective and, bonus, an objective view from a professional writer can make sure that your ideas, your company’s voice and the brand are all staying consistent.

Fresh new content is a large part of marketing. Creating content, however, doesn’t just mean writing a blog, a post or website copy, it also means taking the ideas and doing more with them. AGAIN: knowing and targeting your demographic. Any one who writes can help create scripts for infographics, videos, and images. A great writer can produce a blog that can be broken down into different additional content, meeting your audience where they are and where they want to engage with you. A great writer will write social posts that are inspiring, sharable and targeted to your audience. Your professional writer will know how to take straightforward information and spice it up to get your audience engaged and excited.

My boss closed our email ‘interview’ with, simply, “All that said.. (sic) I cant (sic) write so I need a writer.” (note: I added the period at the end of the sentence.)
The thing is, he can write. He’s too busy to write. So are the other members of our team, busy with sales, busy managing projects, busy shooting video, busy coding, busy with business. The main un-selfish reason I can think of to hire a professional writer is the gift of time you are giving yourself and your team.